Poussin From Griggstown Quail Farm

PoussinThis is half a roasted poussin from Griggstown Quail Farm Market.  I buy them pre-marinated in herbs (there’s also a soy-ginger version), and they are reliably tender and juicy. I often keep one in my freezer, and it’s enough for 2 servings.

I roast the poussin for about an hour (to 165°) on a bed of split fingerling potatoes, or rough-chopped carrot/onion/celery, or, in this case, leftover stuffing. 

The young chicken has been spatchcocked, which means the backbone was cut out, and the bird flattened. This ensures even cooking.  For a nice pictorial of this, visit this site.

But, here, Griggstown has done it for us, and each time I enjoy one, I wonder why I don’t have it more often.

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