Creative Food Writing Workshop in Assisi, Italy


Be still my heart. When I win the lottery, I may do something like this.  Paulette Licitra, the publisher and editor-in-chief of Alimentum-The Literature of Food, a publication I’ve mentioned before, is giving a two week creative food writing workshop in Assisi Italy this summer (a one-week option is also available).

Here’s some of the information I received from Ms. LIcitra:

“In this workshop you’ll turn your food imagination and experiences into story with characters, a story arc, scenes, and dialogue. Or transform your food memories into engaging essays and memoir. We’ll make poems out of recipes, and menus into poetry. We’ll keep a journal of our Italian eating experiences and craft the entries into appealing reviews. Plus we’ll discuss what it takes to get published in food magazines-I’ll provide a contact list and guidelines.

“We’ll also read a cross section of fabulous food literature from the ancient Romans and Greeks to present-day taste-tempting authors. We’ll engage in appetizing writing exercises, and examine and discuss your work-and do a little cooking, too!

“We’ll stay at the four-star Hotel Giotto where we’ll gather for breakfast and dinner and meet for our workshop. Hotel Giotto is an elegant hotel, air-conditioned, with many amenities including beautiful dining areas with great views, a wine cellar, and a pool. The Giotto’s noted chef will present us with
the best of Umbrian cuisine.”

Now, that sounds pretty appetizing, doesn’t it?

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