Salmon with Kashmiri Mirch

salmonI originally bought Kashmiri chili powder (aka mirch) so I could make rogan josh.  A good description of that Indian dish is found on the Foodista website. 

And just look at the array of photos of this chili on Google Images!  I like it because while it is spicy, it is not too hot.

Since I still had some of the chili  sitting around, and didn’t have any ancho chili powder handy, I used the Indian chili on this baked salmon instead, mixing it with breadcrumbs and a little olive oil.

I packed the crumbs on top of the salmon and baked it at 375 for maybe 20 minutes. On the side, my favored Trader Joe’s sidedish, “quinoa duo with vegetable melange,” which I’ve always thought had a vaguely spicey/Indian flavor profile to it,  But I just read the TJ’s desciption of it online, which says it’s “made in France and defintely tastes French.”  Is it just me?

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