Cold Soup

green gazpachoI appreciate cold soup more as I get older, although I’m still not a fan of the sweet ones.  But during these oppressively hot summer days, a bowl of gazpacho, red or green, surely hits the spot, and so did the brilliant magenta beet and orange soup pictured here.  The latter has a little sweetness from the orange, but still comes off as savory thanks to the predominating beets. 

beet-orange soup

I bought both of these at the Whole Earth Center on my usual Sunday visit, and enjoyed the green gazpacho at home, in a proper bowl, and the red at work, that one right out of the plastic container, as un-aesthetic as that is.   And I should mention that when I see their lovely French Vichyssoise in the case, I can’t pass that one up, either.  If you want to make your own, Mark Bittman did a nice Eat column on them in the NYT Sunday Magazine at the end of May. Maybe you missed it because it wasn’t hot enough yet?

p.s. look for French Onion soup this week in the deli in celebration of Julia Child’s 100th birthday on August 15!

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