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These are On the Bone spareribs with chipotle glaze, and they are excellent. (But guys, shutty the music on the website, you just can’t find the mute button fast enough!) I kept thinking of these ribs after I tried them during a review dinner last fall, and finally returned specifically for them, and their onion rings … Continue reading


Take a bow McCaffrey’s Market, Gillian’s Gourmet, Jade Asian Sauces, and FunniBonz.  McCaffrey’s for selling flanken ribs (short ribs cut across the bone), which can be hard to find (and they weren’t too expensive, either).  And to the others for making such tasty sauces. What’s more, Gillian’s and FunniBonz are local companies, often to be … Continue reading

Joys of Crock Pot

This was excellent crock pot barbecued beef!  All I did was to put big cubes (~2-3 inches) of chuck roast in the crock pot, add a sliced sweet onion, a little garlic powder and a shake of liquid smoke. Then I poured on a bottle of regular supermarket barbecue sauce (KC Masterpiece Original in this case).  Set … Continue reading