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The Glorious Vegetables of Italy

The Glorious Vegetables of Italy

Plan on coming to Dorothea’s House on Sunday November 3 at 5:00 pm for a program titled From Artichokes to Zucchini – Cooking with Italy’s Glorious Vegetables. (Programs at Dorothea’s House are followed by informal get-togethers where one can chat with old and new friends, and taste dishes and offerings brought by participants.) Domenica Marchetti, who grew … Continue reading

A Light Gone Out

Princeton’s Italian community has suffered more than one loss this winter, and the latest, of Dorothea’s House trustee Alessandra Mazzucato, is indeed a hard loss to endure. My late mother adored Alessandra, who taught us Italian at the Princeton Adult School in the mid/late 1980s.  Always a warm welcome, always a warm smile.  We started going … Continue reading


This is a little tribute to the annual Polenta Festa at Dorothea’s House in Princeton.  That takes place later today, but I’m going to miss it (again!).  My weekends are just so darned busy that by Sunday evening, I’m down to crunch time to get ready for the upcoming work week.  My Italian mother is surely … Continue reading

A Blog is Born

Ta Dum!  I’d like to introduce you to a new blog from a local culinarian (is that a word?) I know from Dorothea’s House in Princeton, Linda Prospero.  I always knew Linda appreciated good food (it’s the Italian heritage, natch), and could cook and write, but did not realize what a wonderful photographer she is … Continue reading