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A Rosh Hashanah Recipe

Meeting someone just once can leave an indelible impression. Such was the case when Joan Nathan appeared at Wegmans in Nassau Park in 2000. I interviewed her by phone before her appearance for an article, and then sat in on her appearance. She was gracious and friendly, and to this day I avidly read her … Continue reading

Honey Cake for a Happy New Year

I am such a fan of Joan Nathan, so wanted to share a recipe from one of her cookbooks for Rosh Hashanah. She has wonderful stories to go along with her recipes, so be sure to get your own copy and enjoy browsing through it, reading and planning your next meal.  It’s like poring over … Continue reading

Italian Prune Plums

I always eagerly await the arrival of those small, oval, Italian prune plums in the markets. The cashiers often ask what they are, or how they differ from the bigger round plums.  To me, those are sweeter and for eating out of hand, while Italian plums need to be cooked to bring out their sweetness.  They … Continue reading