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Convenience Food My Way

Convenience Food My Way

This was a delicious dinner that was easy to put together. And yet, every part of it involved some measure of “convenience food.” The poussin is one of the pre-marinated ones from Griggstown Farm, the “herb” version with olive oil, thyme and vinegar (they also do a soy/ginger version). It comes in a sealed bag, so … Continue reading

A Supermarket Tale

It seemed simple enough. I was nearly out of green peppercorns, the ones packed in brine, so I added them to my grocery list.  I don’t go through them quickly, but every now and then, when I’m splurging on a nice steak, I like pungent green peppercorn sauce, the kind you might find in a … Continue reading

Holiday Tasting

McCaffrey’s Market in the Princeton Shopping Center is having a holiday tasting Saturday December 4, 11:00am – 5:00pm, and it sounds yummy: Grilled Rosemary Chipotle Shrimp, Petite Tuscan Tarts, Asian Pork Meatballs, and Grilled Chicken Herb Sates.  Also on display, three “signature” dishes: Beef Wellington, Potato Crusted Chicken, and Rose Geranium Salmon (I finally tried that for the … Continue reading

Crab Gratin

A few weeks ago, before this terrible heat wave started, I paid a crabby visit to McCaffrey’s Market in Princeton.  No, I wasn’t feeling crabby, but had crab meat on my mind. I headed right to the ice case in front of their seafood counter.  There’s always something interesting nestled in those ice chips.  For starters, I bought … Continue reading