Holiday Tasting

McCaffrey's salmonMcCaffrey’s Market in the Princeton Shopping Center is having a holiday tasting Saturday December 4, 11:00am – 5:00pm, and it sounds yummy: Grilled Rosemary Chipotle Shrimp, Petite Tuscan Tarts, Asian Pork Meatballs, and Grilled Chicken Herb Sates.  Also on display, three “signature” dishes: Beef Wellington, Potato Crusted Chicken, and Rose Geranium Salmon (I finally tried that for the first time recently, and was gratified that it was still tender and moist after reheating at home).

On a side note, I can’t understand why I love their Krab Dip (sold in front of the seafood display case) so much, but I do.  Fake crab, cream cheese, barbecue sauce (I never would have guessed that), and scallions. I’ve mentioned before how dangerously tempting I find that stuff.  Wish they made a lower fat version…how about it guys?

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