Virtuous Breakfast (sort of)

Yogurt breakfast

This is my go-to breakfast for many work and weekend mornings. Sure, it varies, sometimes I use bananas (they’re under there), other times blueberries or another fruit. 

The kind of yogurt varies, too, and while I admit to buying a lot of Dannon Light & Fit (yes, even though it contains artificial sweeteners), sometimes I switch to plain, or organic, or at least hormone free.  The Greek style is too thick, and sometimes almost gummy.  But I do check the sugar content if it is a flavored yogurt, and avoid the most heavily sugared ones.

Sometimes I add the granola, sometimes not, but I do try to be careful with granola, which isn’t as “innocent” as it sounds, because it can have a lot of fat and added sweeteners.  Read those nutrition labels and ingredient lists!

For years, my favorite granola was The Baker Pecan Granola, but I don’t think it’s my imagination that it’s not what it used to be.  More walnuts are sneaking in among fewer pecans.  The clusters, or chunks, are not as many, nor is the overal appearance as dark, which was something I really liked about it.  It’s starting to look and taste too much like other brands, so my attention is wandering, my loyalty waning.  I suspect that at some point the ownership changed hands (it currently appears to be owned by The Charter Baking Company in Boulder, and “distributed” by The Vermont Bread Company).  Whatever the reason, and I’m sure they’re trying to keep the price down, it’s not as special as it used to be.  Sigh.

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