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Over Easy and Thank You Wegmans

It’s so unusual I have time to make a real breakfast, that it is a photo-worthy occasion to me! A couple of maple links from the Amish Market in Kingston, good  eggs (from the Whole Earth Center?), and a slice of Wegmans delicious organic multi-grain bread with currants.  I love that bread! When Wegmans first … Continue reading

Virtuous Breakfast (sort of)

This is my go-to breakfast for many work and weekend mornings. Sure, it varies, sometimes I use bananas (they’re under there), other times blueberries or another fruit.  The kind of yogurt varies, too, and while I admit to buying a lot of Dannon Light & Fit (yes, even though it contains artificial sweeteners), sometimes I … Continue reading

Za Cracks Farm Fresh Eggs

When Za Restaurant in Pennington first opened in 2006, I was glad to see several egg dishes on their lunch menu.  I’m always surprised there aren’t more places in our area that do interesting, creative breakfast and brunch dishes, or who serve them throughout the day.  You know how they say “it’s always 5 o’clock … Continue reading

Good Morning Starshine

A snowy weekend meant a more leisurely breakfast for me.  So on Saturday, once I’d made peace with the idea that I would do no Christmas errands that day, I indulged in impromptu (and improvised) Eggs Benedict.  By then I was so hungry, though, that I cooked in a hurry. I always have on hand … Continue reading

Glorious Breakfast

I am always complaining that there aren’t enough places serving good breakfasts or brunches in this area.  Yes, there are hotels, and their weekend buffets, and there are diners galore.  But I’m looking for something a little more interesting and creative, and Blue Rooster Bakery & Café in Cranbury fits the bill. I’d read their blog … Continue reading