Good Morning Starshine

Eggs BenedictA snowy weekend meant a more leisurely breakfast for me.  So on Saturday, once I’d made peace with the idea that I would do no Christmas errands that day, I indulged in impromptu (and improvised) Eggs Benedict.  By then I was so hungry, though, that I cooked in a hurry.

I always have on hand Trader Joe’s whole wheat English muffins and Cherry Grove Farm eggs.  But the rest involved some compromises, made possible because of my always too-full panty (ha!).  I had bacon in the freezer, but instead used pre-cooked (yes, really!) natural bacon from Whole Foods.  Think of it as “emergency bacon.”  And the Hollandaise…well, don’t look too closely, but it was from a packet, and I did add extra lemon juice.  Overall, it was fine, and it felt luxurious to have a real breakfast for a change.Oatmeal I poached my eggs in those floppy silicone tubs that bobble around in the simmering water. First time I’ve used these (I ordered them from, and they worked like a dream.

On Sunday, the imprerative was to dig out my car so I could get out to my elderly father’s if necessary (just in case, since his home companion could not get there).  So I made my first oatmeal of the season, with dried cranberries, and even made some extra to take to work on Monday where I can reheat it in the microwave.  

This is always a satisfying, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast for me, as long as I use good oats, like the McCann’s Irish Oatmeal.  I had no fresh milk, but always keep a container of Parmalat around, so no problem!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning Starshine

  1. Love the flowery plates for breakfast! Will have to try those egg poachers – had not heard of them. Did you use the ones called “poachpods” or someting else? I make lots of poached eggs on summer weekends when there are guests, and always do them one at a time… seems like the silicone cups would allow you to do many in one batch.

  2. Thank you, the bowl is from April Cornell and I think the plate is from Marshall’s or TJMaxx! The link in my post will take you right to the poach pods, which is indeed the name.

    But if you’re doing a bunch at once, you might also consider the pan insert that does 4 at a time (or you can buy the whole contraption, pan and all). These methods do not produce quite the same result as an egg poached directly in water, but they are easy and reliable.

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