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Recipe of the Month-Lamb Riblets (okay, last month)

Recipe of the Month-Lamb Riblets (okay, last month)

Recipe of the Month-Lamb Riblets (okay, last month). I am finding it so hard to write about food with all of the worrisome things going on in the U.S. lately. But I persevere because, hey, a girl’s gotta eat, and keep up her strength (ha) for the revolution! So, here’s what I made for a … Continue reading

October Best Bites

October Best Bites

As you’ll see below, my love affair with grilled cheese and Lucy’s chicken pot pie and clam sauce continues. But I also roasted some spareribs, made braised beans with escarole, discovered TJ’s pumpkin cream cheese (the only pumpkin anything I’ve indulged in so far), and tried the very good Café Spice Indian entrées at McCaffrey’s. The chicken … Continue reading

Bostock Rocked My World

Bostock Rocked My World

(This article appeared in the February 27 print edition of the Packet, but never went online, so I am publishing it below.) Bostock Rocked My World I’m not exactly sure where I first came across bostock, but I believe it was at either salon.com or the kitchn.com. This take on baked French toast does seem … Continue reading

Bison Burger

I love a good burger, but for a number of reasons, I have pretty much switched to bison when I make one at home.  I usually buy the bulk meat from the butcher case at Whole Foods.  I’ll buy enough at a time to make a few patties and freeze them.  About the only time I buy … Continue reading

Good Morning Starshine

A snowy weekend meant a more leisurely breakfast for me.  So on Saturday, once I’d made peace with the idea that I would do no Christmas errands that day, I indulged in impromptu (and improvised) Eggs Benedict.  By then I was so hungry, though, that I cooked in a hurry. I always have on hand … Continue reading

The Things I Do For You

I threw myself in front of the money bus for this one, dear reader.  $11.99 at Whole Foods!  But I couldn’t resist this Bacon Caramel Toffee from high-end Vosges chocolatier. And the bacon is Neuske’s. It’s made with 42% milk chocolate, not dark, but that might be the right thing here, with the extra creaminess offsetting the … Continue reading

Jersey Scallops Jersey Corn

I’ve done these scallops before, but each summer I am reminded of how much I love the big scallops caught off the coast of New Jersey, and brought into Viking Village on LBI.  I bought these at Whole Foods, but next week I’ll be on LBI myself for a few days, so might be able to get … Continue reading

Prairie Pot Roast

I was ogling the meats in the Whole Foods butcher case a while back, and noticed they had Bison pot roast on sale.  It may have been called “chuck” and not pot roast, I can’t really remember, but it was quite reasonably priced, I thought (maybe $4.99 a pound?), so I bought a small one. … Continue reading