October Best Bites

Beans and escarole

Beans and escarole, lurking sausage

As you’ll see below, my love affair with grilled cheese and Lucy’s chicken pot pie and clam sauce continues. But I also roasted some spareribs, made braised beans with escarole, discovered TJ’s pumpkin cream cheese (the only pumpkin anything I’ve indulged in so far), and tried the very good Café Spice Indian entrées at McCaffrey’s. The chicken tikka masala was properly spicy and the rice even had whole green cardamom in it, my current favorite spice. Ingredients that don’t make you wince, too! They are also sold at Whole Foods, their PR person told me. She’d emailed me about them, and offered to send me a coupon; it never arrived, but I’d been meaning to try them anyway and am glad I did. I just bought the chicken Vindaloo (tempting the hot ‘n’ spicy fates I know), but haven’t tried it yet. And of course there are vegetarian options available.

Note the multi-hued Severino Pasta I buy at the Whole Earth Center. It’s made in Collingswood NJ and I really like it. The package I get has 4 multi-hued nests of fettuccini, if you check the pasta page on their website you’ll be bowled over by how many flavors they make. I indulged here and had it with some thinned out Lucy’s Alfredo sauce. The vege you see is the roasted rutabagas and turnips from my upcoming “Swedes and Neeps” In The Kitchen column in the Packet.

On Halloween day I stopped by Whole Foods and brought home one of their hot station’s entrée/2 sides, thinking I didn’t want to be trying to cook when trick and treaters showed up (and then I had not a one!). The Citrus Salmon was just delicious, really restaurant quality, moist and tender. The green beans with bell peppers were also good, as was a small square of Orange Miso Bread Pudding I chose as my 2nd side. Heated that for dessert and it was quite good, you’d never know it had miso in it (I tried it because I was curious about that), so I guess it’s just enough to add a hit of umami. Now I have all this yukky leftover Halloween candy and no office to take it to.

And that other salmon entrée you see, from Brothers Moon? That was my friend’s actually, and she loved it. We were there for lunch. I had the mushroom risotto and my other friend had a very nice looking butternut squash soup and salad. We loved everything, and then somehow also made room for a few bites each of a special dish I’d spied online that Will sent out – it was from a recent Sunday brunch, pulled pork over creamed corn with a fried egg and Sriracha aïoli on top. Even the leftovers of that I took home were great! By the way, I don’t know when I’ve seen the bakery case in their deli look so appealing. Beautiful pies and cakes, all sorts of bars, and even various meringues: pretty pink raspberry, snowy vanilla, and even little ghost-y ones since it was a few days before Halloween.

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