Paris on my mind

Escargots at Carversville Inn

Escargots at Carversville Inn

Our hearts are crying for Paris and its citizens who have had to endure the terrible events that unfolded there last night. There has always been unbearable hatefulness lurking around in this world, but when it is brought home to us, as this was, it is agonizing. I can only wish the Parisians peace and healing. We’ll all be looking over our shoulders even more than we already were, but I believe that the magic of Paris will not, ultimately, be diminished.

Things French have been on my mind lately. First I had a lovely lunch at the Carversville Inn in Pennsylvania last weekend, where I enjoyed the escargots you see here. That got me thinking about a 2013 post recounting a wonderful, serendipitous dinner my friend Betty enjoyed in France many years ago.

And then, just this week, the news broke that Julia Child’s beloved home in Provence, her touchstone to France, La Pitchoune, is for sale, complete with the original outfitted kitchen (except the stove, as you’ll read). Check out some glorious photos here, and an article in the New York Timers here.

And think of Paris, the City of Light. Vive la France.





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