Bison Burger

Bison BurgerI love a good burger, but for a number of reasons, I have pretty much switched to bison when I make one at home.  I usually buy the bulk meat from the butcher case at Whole Foods.  I’ll buy enough at a time to make a few patties and freeze them.  About the only time I buy ground beef anymore is when I pick up local grassfed beef at the Whole Earth Center.

Bison is leaner than beef, with slightly less cholesterol.  I find it plenty flavorful, too.  It is raised on open range until the last 3-4 months of its 18 month life, and not given hormones or antibiotics. It has a favorable nutritional profile compared to beef, with more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), thought to be a “good” fat.  Hopefully giant agri-business won’t ruin this too soon. 

Lately, my cheese of choice on a burger is bleu cheese.  And I love red onion, raw or, as you see here, gently sautéed.  A toasted wheat bun, a squirt of ketchup, and I’m good!

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