Jersey Scallops Jersey Corn

ScallopsI’ve done these scallops before, but each summer I am reminded of how much I love the big scallops caught off the coast of New Jersey, and brought into Viking Village on LBI.  I bought these at Whole Foods, but next week I’ll be on LBI myself for a few days, so might be able to get some even closer to the source.  (I am bereft since Blue restaurant down there has closed, anyone have suggestions of another special place for dinner on LBI?)

This scallop dish is simple, dusted with Wondra or semolina flour mixed with smokey Spanish Pimenton, sautéed in butter and oil (or clarified butter), then finished with a squirt of lemon juice and a teaspoon of smoked maple syrup.

The bi-colored Jersey corn was fantastic, too, I’d cooked corn the night before and just cut the kernels off a leftover ear.  (Why do we call it an ear?  I’ll have to look that up…)

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