Tomato Time

tomatoesThe Early Girl tomato plant on my balcony is finally giving me a steady supply of nice, if small, tomatoes.  They had blossom end rot early on due to all the damp weather, but they recovered nicely.

And I’ve been lucky to be spared late-blight, maybe because I bought an organic plant from Whole Foods, and then isolated it on my balcony, since I only have room for one. 

And while these aren’t the glory that heirloom tomatoes are, they’ll do fine.  I thought I was buying a determinate plant that wouldn’t get too big, but turns out EG is indeterminate.  I’ve still managed to keep it staked well enough that it’s not sprawling all over.  So maybe next year I’ll throw caution to the winds and just buy an heirloom variety like Brandywine or Big Rainbow, that big golden one shot with red that used to be called Olympic Flame until the Olympic Committee objected.  (Hrrmph!  I’d say that considering how the ISU ruined the once interesting figure skating competition with their new scoring system, they should be glad for any attention they get.)

One thought on “Tomato Time

  1. Your tomato experience sounds pretty similar to mine this season. I bought a patio tomato plant (don’t know the variety) from Stults Farm and it has given me a good harvest already (no blossom-end rot, but a little slow to get started, like everything else this summer), with lots more green tomatoes on the plant as I type. No sign of the blight (knock wood) and the plant has been very forgiving so far, even though I haven’t staked it properly and am not the best of gardeners. I’m also a balcony/deck gardener, which may be an advantage in the blight avoidance department.

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