Glorious Breakfast

Full Irish BreakfastI am always complaining that there aren’t enough places serving good breakfasts or brunches in this area.  Yes, there are hotels, and their weekend buffets, and there are diners galore.  But I’m looking for something a little more interesting and creative, and Blue Rooster Bakery & Café in Cranbury fits the bill.

I’d read their blog off and on last summer while they prepared to open, but when they finally did, I was so caught up in fall activities that I never got there.  So last Sunday I made a point of going with a friend, and of course could not resist the Full Irish Breakfast, at $10 a bargain for sure.  On my plate you’ll see two eggs over easy (one covered by toast), rasher (Irish bacon), sausage (really good and not salty), tomato (broiled and delish), beans (mild and lovely), mushrooms (sautéed), white and black pudding (more sausages, fat slices, one on either side of tomato).

Fortunately there was just a little of each, so even though it was a full plate, it was not really too much, considering it was both breakfast and lunch.  And I barely touched the toast, which was (surprisingly to me) standard issue whole wheat instead of one of the house made artisan breads.  No matter, this was a fantastic breakfast!

Blue Rooster also offers a slew of lighter options, soft creamy scrambled egg timbale, muesli, yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, porridge, smoothies, etc.   Got a small child?  Cheerios and banana, $1.50!  Plus they do lunch (tarts, risotto, cassoulet!).  And afternoon tea.  And then there are pastries, cupcakes, artisan bread, etc. too, to take home if you wish.  The loaf of ciabatta I took home was very good.

Blue Rooster is, as you might expect in Cranbury, situated in a lovingly restored Victorian era house, so the spaces are smallish.   The feeling is light and airy, however, helped along by the pretty linens and crockery.  Their dining room was quite busy when I visited, but we still didn’t have to wait long to be seated, and if you are out and about weekdays, you can avoid the weekend crowd, of course. 

When I lived in a Colorado ski town, going out to breakfast was a very popular pasttime (and whom you were seen with inevitably fueled the rumor mill!).  I realize that people here have a lot less time for leisurely activities, but when you do make time, it’s nice to have some interesting options.  If you have a favorite place for breaksfast or brunch in the area, I’d like to hear about that, too! (I do hear that Calico Grill in Princeton has a good breakfast, but don’t find a website for them.)

3 thoughts on “Glorious Breakfast

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely comments on our place. One point I’ll make, mainly to assure all about the bakery — the whole wheat pan as well as the white pan are made on site as are all our breads, pastries and treats. While it may be standard, many have told us that the flavor is more than that!
    We look forward to welcoming you again.

    all the best

  2. Sunday Brunch was a common and happy event when I lived in New York City. We were invited to someone’s home (apartment), or maybe a restaurant, and reading the huge New York Times was part of the relaxing day, so you can imagine how long ago that might have been.
    I long for those relaxing days and loved your description of the Blue Rooster. Yes, that combination of tasty, not expensive food set in a small, quaint room – perfect for a friendly get-together is just up my alley. Joan G

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