Swirly Goodness

ToffeeI just love toffee.  And a colleague, Lee Morgan, brought in a cookie tin full of the concoction pictured here, made by his wife Shelle, the other day.  We all enjoyed it, and I was so impressed by the creative touch of swirling white and brown chocolates on top!  And the toffee itself was buttery, crunchy perfection, tender to the bite.

As usual, the about.com website is a font of information and recipes on this traditional English treat.  Nuts, no nuts, chocolate, no chocolate, the varieties seem endless.  Almond Roca, in the round pink tin, was my first toffee experience, but I also adore the saltine toffee some friends of mine make around holidays (hint hint).  That whole sweet-salty thing, you know.

For last minute holiday gift-giving you probably have the ingredients to make a batch of one of the toffees on the about.com site in your pantry.  So if Sunday is, as expected, a bit of a snow day, stay in and get cookin’.  And thank you Shelle and Lee!

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