Za Cracks Farm Fresh Eggs

Valenza & Herr

When Za Restaurant in Pennington first opened in 2006, I was glad to see several egg dishes on their lunch menu.  I’m always surprised there aren’t more places in our area that do interesting, creative breakfast and brunch dishes, or who serve them throughout the day.  You know how they say “it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere”?  Well, it’s always 8 o’clock somewhere too!

Going out for breakfast was a big deal when I Iived in Aspen, Colorado, as we really needed to fortify ourselves for a day of skiing or hiking.  And weekend brunch was a huge social scene, full of gossipy implications when everyone saw who you showed up with in the morning (hey, we were young and free!).

Za now reports they are getting farm fresh eggs from Kerr’s Farm, just down the road from them.  Kerr’s eggs are gathered daily from its new roost of one hundred free range chickens. (Photo above, Chef Mark Valenza of Za Restaurant, hen “Bertha,” and Pennington farmer Geordie Kerr.)

“They’re big beautiful brown eggs,” says Mark, “but more importantly they’re tasty eggs that haven’t been sitting in a refrigerator house for who knows how long.”

Za’s lunch/brunch egg menu includes eggs Benedict in four varieties, one with sautéed spinach and goat cheese and another with an eight ounce tenderloin steak fillet. Za egg frittatas offer an assortment of fillings choices. And, for those who like their eggs with a south of the border flavor, Chef Valenza also cooks up his cross-cultural take on huevos rancheros with a spicy pico de gallo sauce (photo below).

Za Huevos

Za offers their lunch/brunch egg menu, along with its other lunch entrées, Monday – Saturday, seating from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

I recently had a fantastic dinner there myself, stay tuned for that review in the Packet TimeOff.

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