Over Easy and Thank You Wegmans


It’s so unusual I have time to make a real breakfast, that it is a photo-worthy occasion to me!

A couple of maple links from the Amish Market in Kingston, good  eggs (from the Whole Earth Center?), and a slice of Wegmans delicious organic multi-grain bread with currants.  I love that bread!

When Wegmans first opened, I loved their artisan breads, baked in their wood-fired oven. Then it seemed like the breads got dumbed down, and I lost interest.  But over the last year or two, I’ve found much to like again.  First it was the unusual craquelin brioche at holidays one year (I’ve since seen it other times during the year).  Then this nice multigrain. born to be toasted (or smeared with brie).  And now, a French Miche, a hearty loaf made with natural sour and some whole wheat, plus a little rye, a little corn; it has a wonderful chewy texture.  It is tangy yet mellow, and just like the sign said, stays fresh for a while.  That’s thanks (at least in part) to some lecithin, which home bakers in the know might use themselves, so I can live with that addition.

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