RSA Dinner Series at Tre Piani

Yes, they’re doing Feast of the Seven Fishes at Tre Piani on Christmas Eve, and yes, they are having a shindig on New Year’s Eve, but come spring (and maybe for a holiday gift idea?), get a load of Tre Piani’s new Restaurant Supported Agriculture dinner series during the 2011 growing season.  A series of Friday evening farm-inspired dinners, there will also be special guests, cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, educational information, etc.  Any leftovers will go to a food bank.

The series runs April 1 – November 25, and the idea is that you buy a Passport in advance (just as you subscribe to a CSA in advance) for dinner, and you do save money if you purchase a passport for more than one dinner.

Other news from Tre Piani – There is a Halal menu available at the restaurant now, too, with meats from Khan Baba in Kendall Park (I buy goat there).

All this is on their nice new website.  Kudos!

2 thoughts on “RSA Dinner Series at Tre Piani

  1. Faith, what a brilliant idea! Restaurant Supported Agriculture. My ‘cup of tea’!

    How much is it? Can a group divide the cost and take turns?

    So there IS something new under the sun!

    thank you, Faith, for always keeping us au courant.


  2. Yes, it is a great idea, the information is on their website, and they can answer any questions you may have, of course.

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