Good stuff

ravioli and sauce

I know that Lucy’s Ravioli Kitchen is full of epicurean delights this time of year (check out the Christmas Eve menu), but I write in praise of their humble rustic tomato sauce, pictured at left.

I had way too much sauce for the raviolis (a double plural?) in this bowl, but that’s okay, I needed to eat more veggies, and tomato sauce counts!  On the side is a little heap of sautéed spinach.  (The ravioli was filled with chicken sausage and cheese),

This sauce is made special by the addition of a little anchovy. You don’t really taste it, but anchovy (and other fermented seafood such as fish sauce) adds that “umami” that raises the flavor ante on any dish.  I could have eaten it on its own, with a spoon as soup.

I have to say that pretty much whatever I have tried from Lucy’s over the years is truly delicious.  I can just imagine the owners tasting new items they are considering for the shop saying, “this is just not delicious enough for our customers” when something doesn’t measure up.   Try the white clam sauce, too, I can’t make a better one myself.  Frankly, I can’t make it as good!

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