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Sage Cream Sauce

I almost never try creamy pasta sauces, as I was turned off so many times by overly rich and heavy alfredo sauces when they first became popular (what’s it been, about a hundred years?). But I couldn’t resist giving the sage cream sauce at Lucy’s Ravioli Kitchen a try, and was so glad I did.  I had … Continue reading

Good stuff

I know that Lucy’s Ravioli Kitchen is full of epicurean delights this time of year (check out the Christmas Eve menu), but I write in praise of their humble rustic tomato sauce, pictured at left. I had way too much sauce for the raviolis (a double plural?) in this bowl, but that’s okay, I needed to … Continue reading

Linguine alle vongole

I forgot to add red pepper. And the only parsley I had was dried. No matter, my impromptu dinner of linguine with clam sauce turned out just fine, thank you.  I realized I had all the makings for this in my cupboard: little cans of chopped and whole clams, and clam broth.  I sautéed garlic … Continue reading

Ravioli then and now

I’d kind of given up on ravioli, as so many of them seemed to barely hint at the alleged fillings.  Lobster that looked pink but had no flavor, mushrooms like cardboard, you get the idea…I can’t remember the last time I ordered ravioli in an Italian restaurant, either. But I’ve had good luck at a couple places … Continue reading