Ravioli then and now


I’d kind of given up on ravioli, as so many of them seemed to barely hint at the alleged fillings.  Lobster that looked pink but had no flavor, mushrooms like cardboard, you get the idea…I can’t remember the last time I ordered ravioli in an Italian restaurant, either.

But I’ve had good luck at a couple places lately.  I recently tried the traditional beef ravioli from Lucy’s Ravioli.  (Now, there’s a beloved local institution, they even deliver prepared food to my elderly father up the road!)  The beef ravioli was just delicious, a really pleasant surprise, and the pasta was nice, thin and delicate, just the way I like it.  I’ll be back to try more flavors soon!  I don’t think I’ve ever had a bite of anything from Lucy’s I didn’t like, but had gotten out of the ravioli habit.  And the white clam sauce I bought on the same visit was PERFECT, just the way I like it, simple with no foo foo.

The ravioli pictured here is from Trader Joe’s, and actually tasted like the advertised Gorgonzola, as their their lobster ravioli on an earlier try, so that’s another good source, although you can’t beat Lucy’s for simple, fresh ingredients.  And locally owned…

4 thoughts on “Ravioli then and now

  1. Lucy’s is one of the things I miss about Princeton. Do you have Fresh and Easy stores there yet? Out west they are giving Trader Joe’s some competition. Last week I tried their butternut squash ravioli. Served it with brown butter, fresh sage, toasted hazelnuts and a few shavings of Parmesan, alongside a handful of salad herbs and it made a lovely quick meal.

  2. So far, Fresh & Easy is just in the west; they are owned by British retailer Tesco. Trader Joe’s is owned by Aldo, a German company I believe. It always seems the left coast gets these interesting new places first, then, eventually, the East. And, due to the high cost of real estate, etc., central NJ is often dead last.

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