Osso Buco at Eno Terra

Eno Terra Osso BucoHats off to Executive Chef Chris Albrecht (and the rest of the staff!) for the recent dinner at Eno Terra featuring the foods of Lombardia. (The next in the series is the Veneto, on April 21.)

By the time this succulent osso buco with risotto Milanese arrived at the table, I only had room for a bite or two, so took the rest home.  (The baked zucchini on the side is my own.)

From minestrone, to ethereal spinach gnocchi, to lake trout, we made our way to the veal (with wines for each course, of course), and then on to a fruity bread pudding for dessert (with a great Italian craft ale) – whew!  As always at Eno Terra, as many ingredients as possible are local, so that minestrone soup was packed with flavor, yet somehow still delicate.  I’m not usually such a vegetable soup fan (I know, I know!), but really enjoyed this one.

And the appetizers before all that were also delicious, especially the poultry terrine topped with excellent house made mostarda made with candied citrus rinds, spiked with mustard.  (Mustard-mostarda, get it? Not so fast, though, do I remember reading that this used to be made with grape must…hmmmm.)

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