Kudos to Chambers Walk

CW soup

First of all, even though my friends and I didn’t order the specials, they gave prices when they recited them.  Bonus points!  And there weren’t too many of them. More bonus points!

We were celebrating our November birthdays a month late and Christmas a little early, so were out for a good time.  Chambers Walk delivered.

My friends split a salad before our appetizers, so they sent me a little complementary vegetable soup which was so tasty I have to wonder why I never take the trouble at home (so I will write about soups for my December 31 In The Kitchen recipe column).  Must be that I never have enough variety of veggies on hand, and for just one person… 

The wild mushroom risotto, below left, got raves, as did the scallops on sweet potato purée with watercress, below right.

CW risotto

CW scallops











My own Caesar salad (not pictured) was quite good and my Moroccan spiced salmon, on celeriac purée with sautéed beet greens (below)- spectacularly good!

My friends had desserts, I skipped that, but they seemed to disappear in a jif.


CW Salmon

The room was lovely, candles flickering, poinsettias on tables, festive but not too much. A guitarist played softly in the background throughout. Chambers Walk, thank you for a great dinner!

One thought on “Kudos to Chambers Walk

  1. And thank you, dear Faith, for creating this multi-faceted evening of special fellowship, for choosing Chambers Walk, which surpassed even lofty memory and expectation. That risotto is, in the Michelin phrase, Worth of the Journey! all on its own. The night glows, even now, and it’s fun to see the pictures of our treats.

    This is supposed to be the Season of Light. Faith, that evening was filled with light for all the senses.



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