Slow Food Winter Farmers Markets

Market Flyer

One thought on “Slow Food Winter Farmers Markets

  1. Dear Faith,

    Thank you so very much for promulgating D&R Greenway’s hosting of Slow Food’s annual winter salute to farms, farmland, farmers and their crops in our Garden State.

    It was a heady day, everything a-bustle, upstairs and down in our circa-1900 barn. John Henry Goldman’s subtle, ever new jazz permeated those venerable beams, livening everyone upstairs and down.

    I perceived a very knowledgeable group of farm-questers this year: They knew what they wanted, knew whose products they had to have, making bee-lines for their favorites. When they didn’t know, there was no hesitation about asking questions.

    Vivid and productive and memorable – and isn’t it grand that Beth Feehan creates and masterminds these indoor winter farm markets from far away in Texas now! What energy she has, to fuel these events, long-distance.

    Proud of her, of our state, and thankful to you.


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