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October Recipe of the Month – Whatever on a shingle

October Recipe of the Month – Whatever on a shingle

I can already hear you groaning. Does anybody still eat creamed dried beef (aka “chipped beef” or “s–t on a shingle”)?  This was a childhood favorite of mine, and then I forgot about it for many years. And when I did think of it, I couldn’t stand the idea of all the salt and chemicals … Continue reading

Over Easy and Thank You Wegmans

It’s so unusual I have time to make a real breakfast, that it is a photo-worthy occasion to me! A couple of maple links from the Amish Market in Kingston, good  eggs (from the Whole Earth Center?), and a slice of Wegmans delicious organic multi-grain bread with currants.  I love that bread! When Wegmans first … Continue reading


I’m so predictable. As I started this post on bockwurst, I got the idea to see if I’d written about it last summer. As I suspected, I had, and – get this – on the very same day, September 2.  I have to laugh, but it is indeed true that I love these pale chubby … Continue reading

Mac ‘n’ Cheese season

With the first fall-like weather, I wanted to make macaroni and cheese.  I had miscellaneous cheeses that needed to used up, plus some leftover cooked bacon and even some pork carnitas from Trader Joe’s which sells it already cooked, ready for folding into tortillas – or mac ‘n’ cheese. So I made a white sauce … Continue reading