Mac ‘n’ Cheese season

Mac n cheeseWith the first fall-like weather, I wanted to make macaroni and cheese.  I had miscellaneous cheeses that needed to used up, plus some leftover cooked bacon and even some pork carnitas from Trader Joe’s which sells it already cooked, ready for folding into tortillas – or mac ‘n’ cheese.

So I made a white sauce and added grated cheddar, pepper jack, and some smoked mozzarella from the Amish market.  I folded in the crumbled bacon and shredded carnitas.  I didn’t have quite enough bread crumbs on hand for the top of the casserole, so I crumbled up some cheesy crackers that had been languishing in my pantry (why did I buy those, I never eat crackers…).  The results were, as they say, delish!

2 thoughts on “Mac ‘n’ Cheese season

  1. Yesterday I tried making mac and cheese for the first time ever. I need to use a milder cheese blend next time (too much extra sharp cheddar), but other than that it came out fine. Your version sounds very tasty!

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