elements meets small world coffee (and school gardens benefit)

Coffee fiends (or is it friends?)

When Scott Anderson, executive chef at elements, asked small world coffee to create a signature blend for his highly regarded restaurant, they decided that this coffee would also benefit the Princeton School Gardens Cooperative.   Scott, Joe, and Emilia from elements visited the small world roastery in Rocky Hill to work with the roasters to design their specialty blend of coffees from Java, Sumatra, and Guatemala.

The small world coffee and elements partnership represents their mutual desire to co-create with other local businesses and to give back to the community that supports them.  The elements coffee blend will be available by the pound at small world coffee. A portion of the sales from each pound of coffee will be donated to the Princeton School Garden Cooperative. small world coffee Is located at 14 Witherspoon Street or 254 Nassau Street in down town Princeton.

In the photo, and having so much fun:

Bottom row: Joe Sparatta (elements), Emilia Sparatta (elements), Jon March (small world coffee)
Second row: Scott Anderson (elements), Diane Landis (Princeton School Gardens Cooperative), Brant Cosaboom (small world coffee)
Top row: Lucas Kirby (Littlebrook School)

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