Tre Piani delivers!

Tre Piani turkey dinnerTre Piani saved Thanksgiving for me.

I didn’t mean that you can call them and order out (well, you probably could, but you’d likely have to pick it up yourself), but when I woke up sick today (that bronchial thing again!), and couldn’t go to Thanksgiving dinner there with my family, they sent dinner home to me, via my obliging brother and sister-in-law.  

Granted, I’ve known owner Jim Weaver for years, but this was so “above and beyond,” and yet so typical of Jim, who truly does love to feed people.  So I went from feeling deprived to feeling totally pampered by the surprise “doggie bag” you see pictured here.   

Thanks to Jim, I enjoyed (and could taste!) wonderfully juicy heritage Bourbon Red turkey with gravy, delicious sausage stuffing, maple-glazed sweet potatoes, and baked acorn squash.  (And probably all local too.)  Oh bliss! Oh heaven!  Oh, thank you SO much!

And you know, you really can get them to deliver, in that their catering business (Tre Catering, natch) will work with you on complete event planning at your home or business.  Their new mouthwatering menus are even online, with pricing, to put some ideas in your head.  There’s even a Slow Food menu.

Okay, time for me to turn into a pumpkin (pie anyone?).

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