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Peach Bonanaza

Peach Bonanaza

Brother’s Moon in Hopewell celebrates the season with special peach dinners this time of year, and Chef/Owner Will Mooney just sent me a slew of recipes in an email. From grilled peaches and chicken salad, cucumber-peach soup, quinoa with black beans and peaches, and more, I plucked the recipe below, for a vegan rice pudding, to share … Continue reading

Peach Mania

New Jersey peaches are in season and peach promotions and events abound.  The Peach Promotion Council has been making the rounds of farmers markets, supermarkets, and restaurants, with special events and even appearances by the Jersey Peach Queen, Ms. Leevon Lacy of Woodstown. Jersey-grown peaches will be celebrated with special “Peach Party” peach dishes at the … Continue reading

Just (Jersey) Peachy

Jersey peaches are great this year, so I’m having fun with them in the kitchen. I thawed out some puff pastry I had stashed in the freezer.  You can buy an inexpensive version in almost any supermarket, but be aware that it is made with margarine (i.e. shortening), so I buy mine at Bon Appetit … Continue reading