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July’s Best Bites

July’s Best Bites

Considering how much time I spend at home hiding from the heat, I still managed to enjoy a few casual meals out in July. And, after rushed forays to the market, I cooked up a storm in my kitchen – Central A.C., I love you! (I try not to abuse the A.C., but am just too miserable … Continue reading

Cheater’s Baklava

Thought I’d share the recipe for the baklava I took to the Mary Jacobs Library in Rocky Hill when I spoke there last week.  If you have avoided making this because of having to butter all those sheets of phyllo, have I got a solution for you.  Don’t do it.  Try my easy method below, … Continue reading

Rocky Hill High

First it was Restaurant One53.  Now we also have the Rocky Hill Inn Eatery & Tavern.  It’s great to have two nice restaurants in Rocky Hill, close to me. I’ve had many good meals at One53 (they also own the popular Lucy’s Ravioli Kitchen), which is currently offering a $25 prix fixe menu Monday-Wednesday, with a … Continue reading