Save the corn tortilla!

Turkey TacosIs it me, or is it getting near impossible to find corn tortillas in mainstream supermarkets?  With the advent of sandwich wraps (not a personal favorite) and flavored flour tortillas, corn has taken a back seat and that’s a shame, current corn pricing crisis notwithstanding.

The flavor of corn tortillas is especially delicious with pork carnitas or fish tacos.  And I always use corn if I am making enchiladas.  I’m sure part of the problem is the extra time and calories involved in using corn tortillas, as they are best briefly softened in hot oil before filling.  But you could just dip them into warm enchilada sauce instead if that is what you’re making.  And for simple tacos, I just lay the corn tortillas on an oil-slicked skillet, drop filling on one side, and fold the tortilla over the filling. Carefully flip over once (don’t spill out the filling), and both sides get slightly crisped and that flavor that can’t be beat.

Also, homemade corn tortillas are amazing, if you have the time or want a child-friendly culinary project.

Faith Bahadurian

4 thoughts on “Save the corn tortilla!

  1. Faith:

    I, too, have been having trouble finding stone-ground corn tortillas when I shop at Whole Foods, and they are so good with fillings that include lime, cilantro and jalapeno. I love your new blog, and the links to recipes are great!

  2. When I travel out west I bring back packs of the better quality tortillas I find there, corn and flour. Last time the TSA opened my checked bag because of those dense packs! Trader Joe’s in Tucson had an especially good tortilla that was a blend of corn and flour, which I did not find in NJ. If you ever see blue corn tortillas, don’t pass them up, either, they are great, and I think I found them once here at Whole Foods.

  3. Faith, I totally agree! I much prefer the corn tortillas, and their smaller size means that you’re eating less! I usually make my own from the masa harina mix and an aluminum tortilla press. The taste can’t be beat!

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