Upper Crust

Upper Crust

I had pizza at Conte’s in Princeton last night with my family, and it was delicious. We are partial to roasted red pepper topping, often mixed with sausage or mushrooms, and extra garlic.  The crust was thin and crispy all the way to the middle, so their kitchen was in top form, although I’ve really never been disappointed by the pizza here.

But I always wish they would offer root beer and birch beer, as I crave that with pizza, having grown up on Greccos’s in Trenton.  Conte’s is very stubborn about adding anything like that, and of course you aren’t allowed to bring your own (health regulations).

If you are in the Robbinsville area, though, you are in luck – the famous Delorenzo’s Tomato Pies of Hudson Street in Trenton has opened a spiffy second outpost (with restrooms yet!) in the new Washington Town Center.  Expect a wait, and some of the best pizza anywhere, with a lovely chunky fresh-tasting tomato sauce and super crispy crust.  And they have gone swank, with a choice of a salad or antipasti for starters.  Not some dull iceberg salad, either, but a lovely spring mix with candied nuts and thinly sliced apple.  Never thought I’d see the day! 

Faith Bahadurian

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