Sweet dreams

Sweet Bliss!

Sweet Bliss!

Bakeries are bustin’ out all over the central NJ area, with sugar + sunshine in Plainsboro Village Center leading the pack.   (Other new bakeries are coming to Princeton and Cranbury according to my In The Kitchen colleague Pat Tanner; our alternating columns run Fridays in the Princeton Packet).  I happened upon sugar + sunshine recently, and quickly became the proud owner of a half dozen cute cupcakes.

A little tasting session at home (strictly for research purposes of course!) led to a divine high on cupcakes nicely light of crumb with buttercream and cream cheese frostings that were (drumroll) delicious and not too sweet.  I hate your average bakery frosting so full of sugar that your teeth clench at first bite.  These were just right for me.  Sugar + sunshine, whose motto is “where everyone has sweet dreams,” bakes with real butter, eggs, etc.  You know, things you have at home, but can’t seem to get into the mixer because you’re too darned busy.

My favorites were “midnight pink,” (yes, they all have names), chocolate with strawberry frosting (it really tasted like strawberries); “velvet elvis,” red velvet cake with cream cheese frostng; and “lemon lovely” lemon cake with lemon buttercream.  Oh heck, they were all good, and now my friends will know I didn’t share!

They’re at 6 Market Street (609-936-3777), no website it seems, but you’ll find them right near A & G Italian Fine Foods, which I recently wrote about for this blog.  Of course they also have cookies, cakes, pies, brownies and more, plus beverages and a few tables.  Lots of luck getting your kids out the door.

2 thoughts on “Sweet dreams

  1. Ok, I’ve been watching your posts for days – It’s the real deal!

    I went by and the pastries were bustin’!

    Keep finding the unfindables!

  2. I couldn’t resist and stopped in. I also couldn’t decide so I bought a dozen assorted to try them all. I’m a bit of a cupcake snob and they rate as one of the bests. The strawberry cake with strawberry icing was INCREDIBLE. Once word spreads about this place there are going to be lines out the door!

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