Cool Treat

Cool TreatOnce I realized that a branch of Viva Gelato had opened near me in Skillman, I couldn’t resist.  A friend had been raving about the gelato she’d been enjoying at their Pennington location, and this was much closer to both of us.   So we buzzed over there early one evening this week, and had dessert for dinner.

This gelato seems closer to what I enjoyed in Italy a couple years ago than others I’ve tried since.  And the case of flavors in their tubs looks soooo tempting, each flavor topped with swirly peaks and crumbled cookies or flavored syrup on top.  It was…exuberant!  As was the oh-so-friendly staff who offered taste after taste on tiny spoons as we made up our minds.  We both ended up with small scoops of the same flavors – Rocky Road and Panna Cotta.

Other temptations were sorbets so fine textured and seemingly creamy that it was hard to believe they were dairy free.  There were sugar-free choices too.  And, back to the regular gelato, there was a flavor called Birthday Cake – apparently all the rage with the younger set.

As we were leaving, the staff insisted we also sample the soft serve Yoggi from a machine behind the counter.  It was amazing!  It had the tartness of yogurt, not too sweet, and is really good with their fruit toppings, we were advised.  Next time.

This branch does not have the home made cones and savory sandwiches that are found in the original Pennington store, but the gelato will be temptation enough for me.  And they do have waffle cones hand dipped in chocolate and nuts or jimmies.  Now, if only they had a drive-through window like the much lamented Lick-It ice cream stand that was in Princeton Junction when I lived there.

p.s. The Skillman branch is at the corner of Routes 518 & 601, in back of the new building on the Northwest corner (382 Rte. 518).

Faith Bahadurian

3 thoughts on “Cool Treat

  1. “Dessert for Dinner” is fantastic idea! And perfect for hot summer nights. Thank you for the tip about this place; I’d never heard of it but plan to bike past it this weekend with friends. I promised a stop for ice cream–when they find out it’s gelato I’ll be a hero!

  2. My guests and I visited Viva Gelato after our very hot bike ride Saturday afternoon. It was all you promised and more. We loved the gelato and the delicious cones dipped in jimmies. The staff–2 super-friendly and enthusiastic young women–was terrific. We even tried mini-muffins after wolfing down our cones–next time we’ll go out for Small World coffee and pastries. Lovely.

  3. I’m delighted that you and your friends enjoyed Viva Gelato. And with all that biking, the mini-muffins don’t even count!

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