Sweet Sorrow

Photo Courtesy of Amy CaudySaying “goodbye” can be hard to do.  This past week, at Princeton University where I work, we said goodbye to several recent graduates who had stayed on after commencement to finish up laboratory research.  This amazing group of students was the first class to go through a new (and very rigorous) Integrated Science curriculum, and to say they bonded with each other, and with us, is putting it mildly.  Not only did they work hard; they also had a lot of fun, and were a pleasure to have around.

The adorable mini cupcakes pictured here were served up at one of the farewell lab parties. They’re from Whole Foods, and are $1.29 each. Frosting decorations range from flowers to a miniature hamburger with all the fixings down to sesame seeds on the bun, and a scruffy-haired cartoon character whose name escapes me. But they’re mostly flowers and are cute as a button. Full-size versions are also available, but the minis are more endearing – and maybe a more sensible portion size!

Our graduates will be sorely missed as they go on to top Ph.D. programs, and, I’m confident, highly successful careers. But I’ll bet moments like the special ones we shared will always bring a smile to their faces.

One thought on “Sweet Sorrow

  1. O, Faith, what a literally delicious picture! It’s a joy to see such creativity and beauty, and at a reasonable price. I’m going to copy it and send to D&R Greenway, because this would be one memorable scene for those festivities when we dedicate a bench, a garden, a beam. You write so evocatively that even I miss the brave students who took on that rigorous course. They are lucky to have you… Carolyn

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