Cracker and Pop

Cracker Bread

Hye Quality Bakery is not located in New Jersey, but they’ll ship to New Jersey.  The word “hye” means Armenian, and my Armenian father loves traditional cracker bread like his mother used to bake, the huge rounds with the big bubbles.  When we were kids, we’d crack holes in the bigger bubbles, spoon in some jam, then munch away.

My father moistens the bread in water and makes sandwiches, much like today’s popular wrappers (and you thought wrappers were all about tortillas!).  I notice on the website that Hye Quality has jumped on that bandwagon and even sells pre-moistened bread, calling that “Hye Rollers.”  (Ouch!)   But buy the real thing (a box of three bags containing five rounds each is around $32.00 including S&H) and let your kids enjoy the novelty of popping the bubbles.  You could even pour in hummus instead of jam.�

One thought on “Cracker and Pop

  1. Just to let you know that Hye Quality will also ship items from their deli. Their tender jarred grape leaves are from Fresno. Great String Cheese. Just ask them what else they can ship. You will be surprised.

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