NJ SPICE Grocery Index II

Here is a second installment of the NJ SPICE Grocery Index.  This time I compared pricing on two common pantry staples, Dijon mustard and soy milk.  Not surprisingly, since it is such a high volume item in their stores, Whole Foods offers good pricing on the latter, especially if you buy their store brand.  But Stop & Shop was a pleasant surprise, too; their selection was minimal, but the pricing excellent.

Store Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard 8 ounces Soy Milk (Organic)
McCaffrey’s, Princeton $2.49 Everyday Value Eden Soy-$3.39 plain /$3.69 fortified

WestSoy-$2.89 plain or fort. 

ShopRite, Montgomery $3.19 Eden Soy-$2.99 plain or fort.Westsoy-$2.79 fortified 
Stop & Shop, So. Brunswick $2.99 EdenSoy-$2.50 plain or fort.WestSoy-$2.00 fortified 
Whole Foods, West Windsor $3.19 EdenSoy-$2.69 plain/$2.99 fort.WestSoy-$2.39

(Note store brand is $1.49)

Information gathered September 1-13, 2008.  Please note that this is not a “scientific” survey.  I do my best, but errors can occur, plus every store has its own way of labeling sale items and there are many types of promotions.

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