Smokin’ Scallops

ScallopsJust look at these beauties! Cooked them myself, and they were spectacular if I do say so. 

First, purchase the biggest freshest scallops you can find; I get mine at Whole Foods, or Shore Catch on the alternate Saturdays they’re at the West Windsor Farmers MarketNew Jersey scallops are best!

At home, I mixed some fine semolina flour (Wondra also works well), with smoky La Vera Pimenton.  (I recently saw pimenton, which is Spanish smoked paprika, for sale in the food section at Marshall’s.  I can’t tell you how many culinary finds I’ve found at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx stores…)Then I lightly coated the scallops with that, and sautéed them over medium-high heat in a mixture of butter and grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil has an unobtrusive flavor and its very high smoke point keeps the butter from burning.

Cook until golden, about 2 1/2 minutes per side, them remove from pan (I put mine on some toasted semolina bread).  To deglaze the pan, I squeezed in a couple tablespoons full of lemon juice, and as I stirred that I also added about a teaspoon of my Secret Ingredient, Pop’s Vermont smoked maple syrup! Do not overdo that, just a touch is all that’s needed.  I gave it a quick stir and immediately removed it from the heat and poured the saucy juices over the scallops and toast. 

This treasured maple syrup was given to me by fellow food writer Pat Tanner, and she got it from her friend George Point.  Thank you both from the bottom of my culinary heart!

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