Have a REAL Grape

Concord GrapesI am always disappointed in standard-issue seedless grapes in the supermarket. Sure, I’ll admit it’s convenient that they bred the seeds out, but as is so often the case with such things, there’s a catch – no flavor!  And it’s a shame, because, like bananas, grapes are a healthful, portable, and not-too-messy snack.

So next time you want grapes, consider some of the other varieties now appearing in the market, like Champagne or Concord grapes (and, occasionally Muscat).  The photo of Concord grapes here barely does them justice.  They were so beautiful, with that frosty “bloom” also found on blueberries.  That substance is curtin, and it protects the fruit against moisture loss and microorganisms.  Bite into a Concord and the burst of flavor will have you thinking of the grape juice and PB&J sandwiches of your youth (or your kids).  There’s a reason those are made with Concord grapes – great taste!

Each grape has a few tiny seeds, you can crunch them up and swallow them, or modestly spit them out.  A little more trouble, but worlds more flavor.  And, not for nothing, but the seeds are a source of antioxidants and bioflavonoida, thus the bottles of grape seed supplements in the vitamin aisle.  Eating fresh grapes out of hand is a much better way to get your “Grape Power.”

2 thoughts on “Have a REAL Grape

  1. I recently had the grappa torte dessert at Hamilton’s Grill Room in Lambertville. On the plate were grapes that just burst with flavor. They did, in fact, taste like the concord grape jelly from childhood – delicious.

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