Interpretive American Cuisine

Fish & Chips at elementsThat’s how chef/co-owner Scott Anderson is describing his eclectic menu at Princeton’s newest dining establishment, elements (small e is intentional). 

Take, for instance, the photo here, Scott’s playful take on “fish & chips,” which is obviously not your grandfather’s fish and chips.  I don’t usually like my food deconstructed and post-modernized (whatever that means here), but I have a lot of faith in Scott’s cooking, having sampled it off and on over the years at various restaurants and events.  Sometimes it was a little wild in concept and execution, but it invariably tasted great!  (I think I remember something with foie gras and caramelized pineapple from a few years back, I kept circling back for more of it at that tasting event.)

So I am quite pleased Scott’s cheffing again in Princeton, and congratulate him heartily on the opening of elements, where he has a piece of the, er, pie, so to speak.

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