Farmer Wanted

Griggstown Farm storeWhen people are downsized from corporate jobs, they often think of a career change.  Are you looking for more meaningful work?  Something closer to your true passion for, say, farming?
If you’re ready to get your hands dirty, here’s an opportunity. Griggstown Quail Farm and Market is looking for someone to grow produce and run their newly created CSA.  For a pretty thorough rundown of how a CSA works, see this site:
Of course, this is really not a position for a novice; you do have to have some experience with farming and running a CSA.  But if you have spent time on these pursuits previously, and want to work at one of our popular local farms, contact chef Matthew Sytsema at (908) 359-5245 weekdays, or
Ah, if only I had more than one lifetime to live! 

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