Be There or Be Square

Slow Food Winter MarketsI can’t recommend these Slow Food Central New Jersey winter markets highly enough.  They are a bright spot in the dreary winter days, an opportunity to touch base with our local farmers and producers of other comestibles.

Come out for the first one of the new year on Sunday at Tre Piani restaurant in Forrestal Village, 11:00am-3:00pm.   All three floors (tre piani) will be packed with activity and local products. 

There will be cooking demos, music, a chance to have a snack or brunch, and, best of all, a bonding experience with your community of local producers and foodies.  Stay a while, and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Be There or Be Square

  1. Really wanted to be there with you, Faith — this may be the only one I’ve missed.

    For me, camaraderie is half the pleasure – well, maybe 1/3 – if you count purchasing food from real people who grow and prepare it as top third; joy of seeing and then preparing and eating those foods at home as second third.

    It’s all so European – sitting at downstairs table with friends as they arrive, enjoying ‘a bit of the bubbly’ and Cape May Salt oysters, climbing three ‘piani’ every half hour or so in quest of some other sacred local specialty.

    I would not know of these events without you and Pat Tanner, so I’m very grateful for memory and promise, shared.



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