Mexico Bound

Ruth Alegria

My foodie colleague, Rugh Alegria, who lived in Princeton for many years, is having too much fun without me in Mexico!  She lives in Mexico City’s trendy Condesa neighborhood, the base for her culinary tour and cooking school business, Mexico Soul and Essence.

Her blog, Alegria in Mexico, was recently named the top Mexican food blog by  Then, the Wall Street Journal mentioned her in a January 17 article about food in Mexico City.  (The link to that article is currently, but maybe not forever, available at

And now Rancho Gordo, the company that sells heirloom beans (and other goodies) online, has gotten into the act, mentioning Ruth on their blog.  Obviously Ruth is the go-to lady for a personalized tour of the culinary offerings and traditons of the Mexico City area.

2 thoughts on “Mexico Bound

  1. Your readers might be interested in knowing that once they leave Mexico, they can get the products to make their favorite dishes at
    It was a life saver to me when I went on assignment in Greece. I had a care package shipped to my hotel room before my arrival.

  2. Thank you! Our readers in far flung places will appreciate your tip! When I moved back to NJ from Colorado in 1985, I could have used a site like this! (I guess back then, it would have been a printed catalogue, though!)

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