A Full Plate

I am duty-bound to promote my own March 18 (8:00pm) talk at the Mary Jacobs Library in Rocky Hill.  This is special for me, because my mother was a devoted patron of this library, mere blocks from her home, for many years.  (And I am definitely a book-aholic myself!)

My talk is titled “A Full Plate: My Life as a (Slow) Foodie,” and is part of an appreciation event for The Friends of the Mary Jacobs Library, and I would love to see you there. 

“Really?” I said when a Friend (in both senses of the word) asked me to speak.  “Do you really think people want to hear me talk about…moi?”  Well, I have been reassured since then that that is, in fact, the case by more than one person, including a culinary professional I recently met who said people always want to hear how she got to do what she does (much less get paid to eat then write about it).

So….for inquiring minds who want to know, I will talk about my grandparents’ gardens, my generally food-obsessed family (my father still lives in Rocky Hill and cooks at 87), following Julia child around Savenor’s market in Cambridge, the early years of the Aspen Food & Wine Classic, gardening (at 8,000 feet and back home in NJ), and why I am a card-carrying member of Slow Food USA.

And, yes, how I got to be a food writer, which just goes to prove that wonderful things can happen in life, things you never dreamed you’d ever get to do (and thank you very much for that Princeton Packet).

3 thoughts on “A Full Plate

  1. YES Faith, we really want to listen to you speak. And I am so sorry to miss your MJL Friend’s talk because I will be in Washington, DC that week. Your restaurant reviews are great, your recipes from the Packet are an essential part of my well used recipe box and I am totally addicted to this blog. I am one of your fan club members.

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