Veggie Victory at the White House!

Cook's Garden Harvest BasketSlow Foodies rejoice!  We finally have an in-your-face vegetable garden at the White House, thanks to the Obamas.  It did this heart good to see Michelle out there digging away with the obligatory gaggle of kids from a local school, setting an example for all of us.

I dare to hope this really does signal a new era of food awareness, with reform of our our food production, safety, and distribution in the nation.  The signs are good, with the new administration starting to work on better oversight of the nation’s food production.

This is the time to start planting.  Look at the basket full of beautiful vegetables pictured here, from Cook’s Garden (and they’ll sell you that nice basket, too).  When I had a garden, they were one of my best sources for gourmet and heirloom variety seeds.  I also ordered a lot from Pine Tree Garden, and Shepherd’s Garden, which is now owned by White Flower Farm (But Renee Shepherd still sells seeds at   

We also have more options available locally, now.  Nearly every food store and garden center sells interesting lettuces and greens, some ethnic vegetables, etc.  So please, look locally first.  My family has patronized Obal’s in Princeton for years; I’ve also liked Ambleside up Route 206, plus there are several large centers out on Route 130 in the East Windsor area.

And if you don’t garden, no worries – just get your locally grown vegetables at the farmer’s market (I’ll come up with a list for summer, soon) or the Whole Earth Center where all the veggies are organic, and as much as possible, locally grown.  Thank you White House!

2 thoughts on “Veggie Victory at the White House!

  1. Hello, NJ Spice
    I recently discovered your blog, while looking up my hometown. My friend lives near Rocky Hill.
    My father grew a garden in the backyard for all of his life and would have been pleased to see that the White House is again growing a garden; the first was The Victory garden. This is where I get my yearning to plant tomatoes every year in my small plot. Simply the best taste.
    I peruse the local farmer’s markets and either Whole Foods or Whole Earth Center.

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